About This Product

What age range is Pipegram suitable for?

Pipegram is not suitable for children under 5, as it contains small pieces. Please keep this product out of reach of young children.

Can adults enjoy Pipegram too?

Pipegram is ideal not only for stimulating the imagination of children but for allowing architects, designers and students to explore shapes and structures and come up with ideas. It's also a great craft project for people such as senior citizens. People of all ages can enjoy creating 3D shapes with Pipegram.

How large are the shapes that can be made with Pipegram?

A wide range of sizes are possible depending on the type of joints used, the shape of the pipes and how they are combined. With the right structure, you can build a shape that is larger than you are. You can create a stronger structure by using the black joints.

What is the difference between the black joints and the white joints?

The hardness of the plastic differs. The black joints are hard so that you can build sturdy shapes, while the white joints are soft and flexible, allowing you to change the shape of finished creations.

Can I connect pipes that I have bought elsewhere?

Pipegram pipes are specially made, and are a different diameter from pipes available from general suppliers. Please do not connect pipes that you have purchased elsewhere.

If a pipe becomes bent, can it be repaired?

If pipes or joints are deformed at the time of purchase, the set can be returned or exchanged; however, it is not possible to repair or exchange parts that become deformed during normal use by the customer due to the nature of this product. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can Pipegram products be recycled?

The pipes are made of aluminum and the joints are made of plastic. Please follow the instructions of your local authorities to dispose of or recycle this product.

Where are Pipegram products produced?

All Pipegram products are made in Tokyo, Japan.


Where can Pipegram products be purchased?

Pipegram products are mainly sold online, but they are also available in some stores. Send us an inquiry and we will provide information on your nearest store where Pipegram products are sold.

Can I sell Pipegram in my store?

Please send us an inquiry for details on selling Pipegram.

Can Pipegram be used in educational institutions?

We are currently developing commercial sets that are compatible with the standard Pipegram products. Please inquire for details about release dates, specifications and the contents of the sets.

Can Pipegram products be used at events, etc.?

We are actively interested in getting involved in events and workshops that Pipegram is suited to, no matter what the age group or region. Please inquire for details.


Who is the manufacturer of Pipegram?

Pipegram is a product of Busyu Kogyo Co., Ltd., a precision pipe machining company in Ome City, Tokyo. Busyu Kogyo used technology amassed throughout many years of developing and producing automobile parts and medical equipment to create a product for the generation that will one day run the world.
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Can the name Pipegram be used?

Pipegram's name and logo are registered trademarks of Busyu Kogyo Co., Ltd., and can only be used for products of Busyu Kogyo or products designated as related products by Busyu Kogyo.