mini pipe set that is fun for everyone.

A selection of short mini pipes that are easy to use. You can make a wide range of structures, from five basic regular polyhedrons to more complicated three-dimensional shapes. With lightweight pipes and firm joints, the black joint set can be used to make relatively large structures, or you can use the white joint set to discover a variety of shapes that can be bent and stretched.

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Sets with hard black joints for sturdy shapes.

Basic sets with hard black joints to hold your 3D shapes firmly in place when they're finished. These sets contain pipes of the same size but various shapes. Connect these any way you want to make a wide variety of shapes. By using your imagination and working with your hands, you can learn for yourself about shapes and how they are made.

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Sets with soft white joints for flexible shapes.

Basic sets with soft white joints. When you've made a 3D shape with these sets, you can push and pull the pipes to change the shape. Fold it up small and let it spring back, or bend it backward - it might give you ideas for new shapes! With pipes so flexible you'd never know they're aluminum, you can have fun with your shape even after it's finished!

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Build familiar things from pipes!

One of the great things about Pipegram is that you can build familiar things using only lines. Make something you see every day out of pipes and you'll see it in a whole new way! Choose from three Japanese symbols of good luck - a red seabream fish, a frog and a daruma (traditional doll) - each with a variety of original parts. And of course, these parts can be used with other Pipegram sets to create even more new shapes!

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Bringing ideas to life.

Creativity is limitless, and so is the number of shapes you can make from Pipegram. To stimulate your creativity even further and give you room for even more ideas, you can buy refills of all of the basic pipes and black and white joints. Build bigger shapes or explore totally new ones!

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