Build the outline of a large daruma, a traditional Japanese doll that is loved by many Japanese people as a bringer of good luck, from this kit containing a large number of uniquely curved pipes. Daruma dolls come with blank eyes and it's customary to draw on one eye when making a wish and the other when the wish comes true...and the Pipegram version is no exception! Put in pipes for one black eye and one white eye at first, then swap the white eye pipes for black ones when your wish comes true!

image of Daruma

Example shapes

  • Example shapes1
  • Example shapes2
  • Example shapes3


  • Original pipes (red)

    42 x
    Original pipes (red)

  • Original pipes (silver)

    22 x
    Original pipes (silver)

  • Original pipes (black)

    4 x
    Original pipes (black)

  • T Joint-B

    26 x
    T Joint-B

  • X Joint-B

    10 x
    X Joint-B

  • 5 Point Joint-B

    2 x
    5 Point Joint-B



Size when built: Around 39 x 42 x 41 cm
Box size: Around 45 x 28 x 4 cm
Recommended retail price: ¥ 29,700 (including tax)

68 aluminum pipes
38 plastic joints (B, hard)