The frog is viewed with affection by many Japanese people as a bringer of good fortune. With this kit, you can build the outline of one from uniquely curved pipes. The pipes have been bent into U shapes to create features such as the eyes and legs. You'll be intrigued by the way Pipegram makes it possible to build things like this just by connecting pipes.

image of Frog

Example shapes

  • Example shapes1
  • Example shapes2
  • Example shapes3


  • Original pipes (green)

    29 x
    Original pipes (green)

  • Original pipes (yellow)

    3 x
    Original pipes (yellow)

  • T Joint-B

    13 x
    T Joint-B

  • X Joint-B

    4 x
    X Joint-B

  • Y Joint-B

    3 x
    Y Joint-B



Size when built: Around 31 x 39 x 48 cm
Box size: Around 45 x 28 x 3 cm
Recommended retail price: ¥ 18,900 (including tax)

32 aluminum pipes
20 plastic joints (B, hard)