Red Seabream

With a large number of uniquely curved pipes, this kit allows you to build the outline of a red seabream, a fish that is a symbol of good luck in Japan. Pipegram's one-of-a-kind pipe machining techniques have been used to create detailed features such as the back fins, tail fins and mouth.

image of Red Seabream

Example shapes

  • Example shapes1
  • Example shapes2
  • Example shapes3


  • Original pipes (red)

    30 x
    Original pipes (red)

  • T Joint-B

    8 x
    T Joint-B

  • X Joint-B

    8 x
    X Joint-B

  • Y Joint-B

    8 x
    Y Joint-B

Pipegram,Red Seabream

Pipegram,Red Seabream

Size when built: Around 8 x 34 x 47 cm
Box size: Around 45 x 28 x 3 cm
Recommended retail price: ¥ 16,200 (including tax)

30 aluminum pipes
18 plastic joints (B, hard)